Thursday, March 14, 2013


Techies love acronyms and abbreviations; it is their language. As you know, www is an abbreviation for the World Wide Web; which means that text can be transferred throughout the world to anyone with the hardware to receive it. Text is boring to non-techs. To provide more bells and whistles to the average computer user, http was put into place. HTTP means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and when you see https://, you are entering a secure site; such as bank, governmental, etc. With http://, beyond just reading text, you are able to see and hear colorful video clips (once they load), yeah!
The Internet Society recently sent me an e-mail stating that a new standard is being applied that enables high quality media streaming called DASH,which stands for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over http, nice. This newest technology is supported by Microsoft, Adobe, Google. DASH is predicted to take over the market by 2015, we shall see!

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