Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tiny Tech Readers

Ann McCormick our Women's Month honoree launched www.ReaderBee.com in March.
Ann, founder of ReaderBee.com, is a world renowned educator touting a lifetime of technology based exemplary learning systems. She has dedicated the last ten years to improving upon model methodology of comprehension building; incorporating US’ Common Core Standards to make learning flow, interesting, and most of all fun. The ReaderBee.com mission is to systematically introduce new learners to the alphabet, words, and then the sentence building process; this makes reading easy.

ReaderBee.com offers toys and manipulative(s) that encourage use of fine motor skills which couples with brain activating muscle memory for maximum retention.

I dare say that this method will work well with older individuals who are learning to read; also, it can be tailored to adults when English is their second language.
At ReaderBee.com you will find additional educational resources for beginning readers.
ReaderBee can be your little one's first step into the wonderous world of information technology.