Sunday, March 31, 2013

Women's History Month honors Dr. Dorothy I. Height

Women’s History Month is a worldwide celebration that highlights accomplishments.

The Harlem Internet Computer Access Program dedicates the month of March to All Phenomenal Women who sustain the lives of others by always rising to the circumstantial occasion. For this reason HICAP pays homage to Dr. Dorothy Irene Height. In her activist support for all people, her organization created opportunities for children to reach their optimal potential. Dr. Height could be seen in the marble pillared corridors of her office at 633 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., just a stones throw from the White House; conducting business on behalf of Continental Societies, Inc. which has a Five-Point Programmatic Thrust—Health, Education, Employment, Recreation acronym HEER. Her program, also, embraces the Arts and Humanities. Dorothy Height continued to crusade tirelessly on behalf of others for seven decades.
As a youth, she was invited by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt to spend a weekend of preparation for the World Youth Conference that was held at Vassar College.
Dorothy Height, known as an International Humanitarian, was a visiting professor at the University of Delhi in India in the 1950s. Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1994; and in 2004, she received the Congressional Gold Medal for advocating for racial and gender equality.
The beauty of this humanitarian extended from her heart to her attire. Known for donning beautiful hats, she hosted a fabulous headwear extravaganza each spring showing artistically fashionable hats.
A Congressional Medal replica authorized by Public Law 108-162, was struck and features the image of Dr. Dorothy I. Height. In 2010, Congresswoman Norton introduced a bill to have the Post Office located at Two Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, DC named for Dr. Height. The building at 633 Pennsylvania Avenue where her offices were located is, now, known as the Dorothy I. Height Building.

We thank you, Dorothy
for living your enduring mission of service to all people.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring

Today is first day of spring and the first day of the Astrological Calendar. The Vernal Equinox begins today at 7:02 a.m. in the Northern Hemisphere. The sun sets at approximately 7:08 p.m. There is approximately an equal amount of day and night time hours, thus the equinox.
Time of sunrise and sunset reminds me of a scientific quatrain called,
'The Sun'
The sun neither sets nor rises
That is the stuff of poets dreams
The sun is affixed in a whirling universe
Life just isn't as it seems

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Techies love acronyms and abbreviations; it is their language. As you know, www is an abbreviation for the World Wide Web; which means that text can be transferred throughout the world to anyone with the hardware to receive it. Text is boring to non-techs. To provide more bells and whistles to the average computer user, http was put into place. HTTP means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and when you see https://, you are entering a secure site; such as bank, governmental, etc. With http://, beyond just reading text, you are able to see and hear colorful video clips (once they load), yeah!
The Internet Society recently sent me an e-mail stating that a new standard is being applied that enables high quality media streaming called DASH,which stands for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over http, nice. This newest technology is supported by Microsoft, Adobe, Google. DASH is predicted to take over the market by 2015, we shall see!