Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quantum Computing Qubits

Bits are the intellectual life-blood of computing. A bit is either in the zero position or the one position. In Quantum Physics the Theory of Entanglement states that one particle can exist in two separate and distant places at the same time. The application in Quantum Computing is that when both the zero and the one are active at the same time, in separate and distant places, they are called qubits. Qubits would exponentially increase the power of computing. If possible, this translates to two to the nth power. It has, also, been stated that extremely large exponents is a theoretical and unattainable value.

There is a Neutrino detector called Minerva at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. From the University of Rochester, scientists have beamed a message through the ground using neutrinos in binary code; they then published a paper in the journal Modern Physics Letters A expressing their results.

Between Quantum Computing Qubits and Neutrinos traveling through matter faster than the speed of light, HICAP anxiously awaits our exciting future.

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